Get revenue from work already done.

If you have any original logos lying around that have never been used,
why not make some money off of them?

What we do

Logo Is Us is an exclusive pre-designed logo marketplace that offers one-of-a-kind logos. Our platform is the solution to the market’s demand for beautiful ready-made, original and well-designed logos that are sold only once.



  • No endless back and forth revisions
  • No correspondence with customers
  • No need to advertise and promote yourself
  • No need to worry about collection
  • We take care of everything!
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To work with us, your logo designs must be original, made entirely by you and they could never have been used before.
We need to know for sure that our logos come from a reliable source. We choose our designers carefully.
So before we see your amazing designs, we would like to get to know you better.
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